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International Coastal Clean-Up day 2015

International Beach clean-up day programme is being conducted at all costal area in island. The programmes of “coastal clean-up day” have been conducted in selected coastal areas in Jaffna with the participation of Marine Environment Protection Authority, District Secretariat-Jaffna, All Divisional Secretariats, Departments, Organizations and public morning today (21.09.2015).

The Chief Minister Hon. C.V. Wickneswaran as Chief Guest and Mr.Ranjith Meegaswatte, Chairman, Marine Environment Protection Authority participated in the event occurred at fort beach in Jaffna on 21.09.2015 at 7.00am. Provincial Counselors, Officers from District Secretariat, Departments, representatives from Public Organization and public also participated in the event which was organized under the chairmanship of Government Agent Jaffna.

The above programmes have been conducted with the coordination of respective Divisional Secretariat in other coastal areas in Jaffna.

National Programme for the commemoration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala.

The National Programme for the commemoration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala is conducted in Island level under the theme of “Let us create a generation which follows Anagarika Dharmapala to protect the country, nation, language”

Accordingly the above programme, An event has been held at District Secretariat under the chairmanship of Mr. N. Vethanayahan (GA) today (15.09.2015) at District Secretariat’s Auditorium. Priest and Officers also participated in the event. Former Government Agent Mannar, Mr Sarath Raveendra delivered an address about Srimath Anagarika dharmapala and his contributions to country.

Further, Fruit trees have been planted in secretariat’s premises for memorial of Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Esq.

Induction Training Programme for newly recruited Management Assistants who have been attached to District Secretariat Jaffna.

10 days Induction Training Programme for newly recruited Management Assistants (73) who have been attached to District Secretariat Jaffna has been commenced today (15.09.2015).

Earlier, Trainees who have been attached to District Secretariat met Government Jaffna. In this occasion, Government Agent made the comment regards to “dedicated service to the public” and said his wishes to officers.

The appointment letter for the above trainees for the post of Management Assistant will be issued soon by relevant Ministry.

District Secretariat – Jaffna formerly Known as the third well recognized office in Ceylon had accomplished 50 Years of Yeoman Service to the civil society.

Since the inception of the District Secretariats as the secondary level administrative set ups in Sri Lanka, the activities pertaining to the district development, communication between the center and Divisional Secretariats,other Departments and provision for assistance to Villager are being carried out without much hindrance in 25 administrative districts in the Island.

In Jaffna, the then colonial rulers had introduced district administration with striking resemblance to the current one nearly hundred and eighty years ago. The building for the Kachcheri was constructed in a land in extent of 26 acres at old park and the so called Kachcheri had carried out its function there for nearly 130 Years. The necessity for a new building was felt in view of the spatial shortage as a constraint to expand its service. In 1960s the foundation for the new building was laid down at the front of the old Kachcheri. The construction was completed at a cost of around one and a half crorerupees and the new building commenced its function in year 1965.

Hon.W.Dahanayake, the then Minister of InternalAffairs had ceremoniously declared open the current building on 21stAugust, 1965.

The significant feature that this office was ranked as the 3rd among the entire offices existed in Ceylon at that time in recognition of its potential.

The building became an important hub for the operation of Jaffna Kachcheri and other 8 administrative set ups belonging to the Ministries in the Centre.

Late Neville Jeyaweera Esquire had discharged his duties as the first Govt. Agent in this building and took the pioneering effort for the development of this district. Totally 21 Govt. Agents had deeply committed and dedicated themselves to work with humility up to now for the smooth functioning of district administration in Jaffna.

At present, Mr.N.Vethanayahan is discharging duties in the capacity of Govt.Agent/ District Secretary with the support of over 400 staff members belonging to 41 branches to deal with the administrative aspects in the best interest of all communities. The District Secretariat Jaffna continues to sender its yeoman service like in the past while strengthening its relationship with the civil society in securing a prosperous future for them.