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A National Programme object to create the Local Exporters

A national programme with object to create 2000 exports of indeginous product in the year of 2020 wa inaugurated in Jaffna.

This programme is being implemented by the Ministry of Development Strategy and International Trade in order to increase 2000 new exporters in regional level which boost the economy of our country.

Mr.Sujiva Senasinge, Minister of International Trade and Deplomatic Affairs, Mr. Malik Samarawickrama, Minister of Strategic Development and International trade were participated as Chief Guests of first national session of this programme and trade exhibition conducted at District Secretariat, Jaffna today.

The exhibition of indigious products of the entrepreneurs arranged at District Secretariat has officially opened by the Minister.

The special seminar on developing the potential of the 500 entrepreneurs selected in Northern province was also held.

Mr.Reginold Cooray, Governer of Northern Province, C.Vickneswaran, Chief Minister, Mrs. Vijayakala, Minister of Home Affairs, M.A.Sumanthiran, Member of Parliament, Ms. Indrani, Director of Export Development Board and Mr.A.Pathinathan, Chief Secretary of Northern Province are participated at this event.


Discussion about Development Programme and Resettlement

Mr.Joshva McLaren (Global Affairs Canada, Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development and Mr. Jawad Qureshi, analyst Privy Council Office met Mr. N.Vethanayahan, District Secretary Jaffna at the District Secretariat on 09.11.2016.

They discussed about the development initiatives and the resettlement carrying out in Jaffna at present.

Prohibition against engaging in development activities in coastal area of Jaffna without obtaining approval from Department of Coastal Resources Management

Mr. N. Vethanayahan, Government Agent of Jaffna District expressed that it is prohibited to engage in development activities in coastal area of Jaffna District without obtaining approval from Department of Coastal Resources Management.

He further said that there are now large amount of construction work are being carried out in the coastal area of Jaffna District. Some constructions are temporary building and some are permanent building. Majority of the building are being built illegally

Three hundred metro area of land from shoreline and 2 km area of sea from shoreline are considered coastal area. It is important to get approval from the Department of coastal resources for carrying out excavation construction of building, rest house and any renovation work or building any permanent or temporary structure for fishing or other needs.

Approval to build these construction can be obtained from the Department of Coastal Resources Management functioning at District Secretariat, Jaffna. Furthermore action will b taken against the illegal constructions works under the Act of protection of coastal area no. 64 of 1988. Act of 2011 no.49 and the act of 1981 no.57

Everyone should united to protect our coastal environment for the benefit of our future generation by abided by the rules, he further added.

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