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Observing Coast Conservation day in Jaffna

The main event of the week of the observation of conserving coastal and Marine Resources of the country initiated by the Ministry of Mahaveli Development and Environment under the guidance of the President Maithiripala Sirisena was held in Jaffna on 20.09.2016

This event was held around the building complex of Gurunagar presided by Mr. Nagalingam Vethanayagan, Government Agent, Jaffna with the co sponsorship at the Department of Coast Conservation and coastal resources Management and Marine Environmental Protection Authority

Mr. Rohana  Perera, The Chairman of the Marine Environment Protection Authority, Government Officers, School Students, Military Personnel and public are participated in the work of cleaning the coastal environment.

Discussion about the law and order in Northern Province.

The discussion on the 4 main issues relating the imposing law and order in Northern Province was held on 17th Sept 2016 Saturday at the auditorium  of the District Secretariat, Jaffna. Mr. Salaka Ratnayaka, Minister of Law and order and Sothern Development presided at the discussion held with the Civil Societies and Representative of public.

The discussion on the subject of prevention of anti social activities abuse of illegal narcotics, establishment of Police stations and the use of Tamil language in Police Service are held.

C.V.Vickneswaran, Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council, Mr. Poojitha Jayasundara, Inspector General of Police, Mrs. Vijayakala Maheshwaran, State Minister and Child Affairs, Mr. Mavai Senathirajah MP, Mr, Sumandran  MP, Mr. Charles , Mr. N.Vethanayahan , Government Agent, Jaffna. Mr. C.V.K. Sivagnanam, Provincial Counsellor, Members of Provincial council, Police Officials, Naval Officials, Military Personnel and Civil Societies also Participated at the Meeting.

Prime Minister’s visit to Jaffna

Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe, Prime Minister paid visit to Jaffna to day and officially opened the new building complex of the District Secretariat for public

This building was constructed by the Ministry of Home Affairs with the expense s  of 800 million rupees under the guidance of the President Maithiripala Sirisena. This building is expected to provide much needed space to provide enhanced service to the public.

Mr. Vijaya Apeywardana, Minister of Home Affairs presided this event and Mr. C.Vickneshwaran, Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council. P.M.Swaminathan (Minister) Mrs.Vijayakala Maheswaran (Minister) Mr.Mavai Senathiraja (MP) M.A. Sumandran(MP)  Mr.Mastan (MP)  Mr. Douglas Devananda(MP)  Mr.Vethanayahan ,GA are participated at this event.


The Engineer of District Bureau of Geological survey handed over the goods for the relief to the Assistant Director of Disaster Management


The High Commissioner of European Union for Sri Lanka and Maldives Mr. Davidly visited to District Secretariat


A meeting between the High Commissioner of European Union for Sri Lanka and Maldives Mr.Davidly and Mr.N.Vethanayahan, Government Agent, Jaffna was held on 18.05.2016.

The High Commissioner of European Union for Sri Lanka and Maldives Mr. Davidly visited to District Secretariat and discussed with the Government Agent, Jaffna on the subject of Development programmes, livelihood assistance and resettlement activities.

District Steering Committee meeting of National Nutrition Programme

Mr.N.Vethanayahan, Government Agent, Jaffna said that there are 12,932 families were identified as eligible to get assistance by National Nutrition Programme.

He expressed the fact at the speech held at the District Steering Committee meeting on National Nutrition Programme at District Secretariat Jaffna, today.

He further expressed that Samurdhi and other livelihood assistance should be given to the identified families on priority basis and it should be ascertained that the assistance improve their livelihood. He asked to make combined effort to at the both parties to increase the nutritional level of the public of Jaffna District through effective scheme.

Mr. Senthilnanthanan, Additional Government Agent, Mr.K.Nanthakumaran, Regional Director of Health Service, Divisional Secretaries, District medical officers and the higher officers of the District Secretariat were participated at the meeting.

National Disaster Relief Service Centre

Information Regarding the Prevailing Weather Condition


Special Discussion held by Ministry of wildlife conservation

Discussion on the subject of the programmes to be implemented in Jaffna district was held at Divisional Secretariat Jaffna on 29th April 2016.

Hon.Mr.Gamini Jeyavickramaperera, Minister of wildlife conservation also participated at the discussion organized by the members of parliament in order to represent the Northern Province in the programme of protecting the environment for our future generation.

The proposals for the development of environment at Jaffna district prepared by the University of Jaffna was also taken into discussion.

The Hon. Minister said that he is going to implement development programme as combined effort with Northern Provincial Council. These programmes will be implemented in August after due consideration.

Hon.Mr.M.A.Sumanthiran.MP.Hon.Tharmalingam Sitharthan MP.Hon. Mr.Kurukularajah Minister and members of the Northern Provincial Councils, Mr.N.Vedanayagan, Government Agent of Jaffna and other officers were participated at this discussion.

The Foreign Minister of Sweden paid a visit to Jaffna

The foreign minister of Sweden and the panel of diplomats paid a visit to Jaffna in order to study the current situation.

The Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallstrom and Sweedish Ambassador for India and Sri Lanka and other diplomats held discussion with Mr.N.Vethanayahan, Government Agent at the District Secretariat, Jaffna and met the representatives of the civil socities of Jaffna District.

They held discussion on the subject of resettlement programmes and development activities carried out in Jaffna. They met Hon.Mr.Reginold Cooray, Governor of Northern Province and discussed in  detail the development and reconciliation activities implemented by the central government.

Furthermore they visited to Northern Provincial Council Secretariat to meet the Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council Secretariat to meet the Chief Minister of Northern Province C.Vickneswaran and discussed in detail about the reconciliation effort implemented after the replacement of new regime. They visited to observe the housing scheme implemented in Northern Province by the Ministry of Resettlement after accepting invitation extended by the Minister of Resettlement Hon.D.M.Swaminathan.

Discussion on the subject of resuming the functions of Kankesanthurai Cement Factory

Mr.Rishad Bathiudeen- Minister of Industry and Commerce expressed that the activities were taken to resume the functions of KKS Cement factory.

He participated on the discussion over the issues relating to the resuming the functions of the KKS Cement factory held on 25th April 2016 at the Divisional Secretariat and expressed the above fact.

The request for not mining limestone in any part of the Jaffna was accepted and unanimously supported this decision.

The minister accepted the request that the labourers required for the factory should be recruited from Jaffna district. He expressed that he has taken action to open the salt industry of Elephantpass and the chemical factory of Paranthan in order to increase employment opportunities in Northern Province.

Mr.N.Vedanayahan, Government Agent presided the discussion and Hon. Mr.Saravanapavan(MP), Hon.Sitharthan(MP), Hon.Sritharan(MP), Hon Ankajan Ramanathan(MP) Ministers of the Provincial Council, members of the Provincial Council, Lecturers, Environmentalist were participated at the discussion.

Implemented Rural Infrastructure Development Programme of the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs

Mr.N.Vethanayahan, Government Agent, Jaffna expressed that the Rural Infrastructure Development Programme of the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs will be implemented in Jaffna District.

In accordance with the proclamation of economic policy submitted in parliament by Hon.Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe last year which include the proposal, one million rupees was allocated to each Grama Niladhari Division this year for this programme through the provision of National budget, he added.

Jaffna district secretariat took action to implement this programme in Jaffna District. In accordance with this programme Divisional Secretaries. were requested by the Ministry to form a committee on Grama Niladhari Divisional level which consist of social representative of that district order to implement this programme.

The Secretary of the Ministry of National policies and economic affairs instructed to the Divisional Secretaries to implement this programme and ensure to complete this programme before September 31st in the year.


Discussion for the Resettlement in Jaffna District

Discussion on the subject of "Resettlement in Jaffna district" was held at the Divisional Secretariat, Jaffna recently Mr.N.Vethanayahan, Government Agent presided at the discussion.

The government Agent said in his speech that several programme will be implemented in Jaffna by using special fund allocated by the Ministry of Resettlement.

Under this scheme 3000 homes each valued at Rupees 800,000 the livelihood assistance to 3000 beneficiaries for the value of rupees 100,000 each and toilet facilities for 1200 beneficiaries for the value of Rs.55000 each will be implemented.

Furthermore well, will be build for the value of rupees 100 million in order to access fresh water and action will be made to improve water supply facilities. Roads and buildings are going to be reconstructed for the expenditure of 100 million rupees.

Action to select the beneficiaries of the schemes are going on through Divisional Secretaries and these schemes will be implemented soon, he added.

Backyard Gardening Programme of District Secretariat, Jaffna

The backyard gardening programme has been inaugurated in District Secretariat at 3pm on 04.04.2016 under the National Food Production Scheme.

This Programme was presided by Mr.N.Vethanayagan, Government Agent and the officers of the District Secretariat planted the seedlings.