National Productivity Awards Results - 2016/2017

 national productivity award competition organized by National Productivity Secretariat introduced in Public Sector, School Sector and Manufacturing & Service Sector across the country. District Secretariat Jaffna has won the second place in the island-wide National Productivity awards for 2016/2017 year under the Public Sector Inter Departments category. Among the institutions contested under Divisional Secretariat categories, the Divisional Secretariat Tellipalai and Point Pedro won the second place.

There are 73 institutions applied for this year competition in Jaffna District including Public Sector, School Sector, and Manufacturing & Service Sector and 41 institutions were selected for the site inspection. There are 15 institutions applied for the competition under the Public Sector category and 13 institutions got awards.

There are 17 Schools were evaluated under School sector category and 8 Schools were awarded. Nine institutions in Manufacturing & Service Sector category were evaluated and 7 institutions were awarded. There are 28 institutions got the award in Jaffna District.

The awarding ceremony will be conducted by National Productivity Secretariat in the near future.

  1. 1. Public Sector

            2nd Place -                                District Secretariat Jaffna

                                                            Divisional Secretariat Point Pedro

                                                            Divisional Secretariat Tellipalai

            3rd Place -                                Divisional Secretariat Uduvil

                                                            Divisional Secretariat Sandilipay

                                                            Divisional Secretariat Kopay

                                                            Divisional Secretariat Maruthankerny

                                                            Divisional Secretariat Nallur

                                                            Divisional Secretariat Chavakachcheri

            Special Commendation -         Divisional Secretariat Kayts

                                                            Divisional Secretariat Jaffna

                                                            Divisional Secretariat Karainagar

                                                            Pradeshiya Sabha Vali SouthWest              

2.School Sector


            Special Commendation -         J/Nallur St Benedict’s RC Vidyalayam

                                                            J/Kayts St.Mary’s RC Girls Vidyalayam

                                                            J/Vembadi Girls High School

                                                            J/Kokuvil Hindu Primary School

            Commendation -                     J/Kaithady Nunavil Government Tamil Mixed School

                                                            J/Vaideeshwara College

                                                            J/Uyarapulam Gunabalan Vidyalayam

                                                            J/Jaffna Hindu Ladies College

  1. 3. Manufacturing & Service Sector

            Special Commendation -         Bank of Ceylon Jaffna Second Branch


            Commendation -                     Bank of Ceylon Northern Province Office

                                                            Bank of Ceylon Thirunelvely

                                                            National Trust Fund Board - Jaffna Regional Office

                                                            Naval Hospital - Northern Command

                                                            Post Office Chavakachcheri

                                                            Medical Officer of Health Tellipalai