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Balance the Rural Development in terms of Socio, Economic and cultural activities in Northern Province
Facilitating the empowerment of people through mobilization for a socio economic and cultural development towards an improved quality standard of living at the villages
To harness the talents and efforts of rural people for the improvements of their Social, Economic, and cultural conditions through village organizations established by the people themselves to bring into closer contact and cooperation those organizations in the various extension services of the institution working in the villages.
  • Facilitating to establish and updated strengthen rural development societies for men & women in villages of NP.

  • Assisting to women empowerment and their participation in development activities through women development centers and women rural development societies.

  • Monitoring and Reviewing income generating small scale projects carried out by societies.

  • Conducting vocational training programmes in collaboration with other institutions.

  • Providing leadership and other relevant training programmes for society members and officers respectively.

  • Creating marketing facilities and networks.

  • Oversee the overall general & financial management of the District & Divisional offices.

  • Providing Financial Assistance to the societies and Women Development Centers and ensure proper utilization through reporting & review.

  • Facilitating to implement the small scale contract work societies.

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