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Manthri Manai

Manthri Manai stands majestically in Nallur and reveals us about the past history of Nallur. It is situated about 900m, north to Nallur temple and about 90m, north to Chankilliantoppu and on the left of the Point Pedro road. This is the site where the Royal administrative activities of Kings of Nallur took place earlier. To confirm the fact that there are evidences of ruins within this building attached belonging to the Kingdom of Jaffna and the architecture and the wooden structures with beautiful monuments and its designs and decorations reflect a particular art of tradition prevailed at the period.
  • Government Gazette No & Date 1486 2007-02-23
  • G.N division:- J/107, Nallur Rajathani
  • Distance from Nallur Kanthaswamy Kovil :- 0.9 km



Sangillian Thorana Vasal (Court Entrance)

This is the only evidence still in site that has to be considered as the remaining of the Jaffna Kingdom, Nallur. It is located at a few yards towards the North from Muthirai Santhi junction. The entrance of structure has some special architectural features regarding its period of origin. Some say it is the main entrance of the Palace of King of Sangillian. But some of others say it is a monument of slavery life of Jaffna people. However it is seen as monument of the foreign dominant in Jaffna.
  • Government Gazette No & Date 1486 2007-02-23
  • G.N division:- J/109, Sangilian Thoppu
  • Distance from Nallur Kanthaswamy Kovil 0.7 km

Sangillian Thoppu

This is an important evidence of the remaining of Nallur Rajadhani located in the East side of Point Pedro road in Nallur. The ruins of this belong to Portuguese parish school and Christian school of Dutch period. The buildings exist in here were built in small by woods and sand. According to the research done by Dr. P. Raguphathy some vessels made of sand belonging to the period of 10th and 13thcentuary were indentified. later in 1984 the above ruins were reconstructed and are being protected by Archeological Department at present.
  • Government Gazette No & Date 1739 2011-12-30
  • G.N division:- J/109, Sangilian Thoppu
  • Distance from Nallur Kanthaswamy Kovil 2.1 km



Yamuna Aeri

Yamuna Aeri is considered as one of the significant remaining of Nallur Kingdom and it is situated to East of stone entrance of Changillian Toppu and some distance for the present Christian Church. It is said the former Kings built underground tunnel at this pond for their defense. It is said one of such tunnels was connected to “Manthiri Manai”. There is no wonder that the former Kings of Jaffna built tunnels for their defense as they did not have any natural defense in their region. The discovery of the bricks, decorated pillars made of lime stone and Potteries around this area are suggesting that there might have been a building complex in and around of this area in the past.

  • Government Gazette No & Date 9886 1948-07-16
  • G.N division:- J/109, Sangilian Thoppu
  • Distance from Nallur Kanthaswamy Kovil -1.9 km


The Statue of King Sangiliyan

The statue of King Sangilliyan who ruled the Jaffna Kingdom with Nallur as the capital in one of the heritage symbol. It reminds us the era of Jaffna Kingdom. The statue is situated a few kilometers west from the Christian Church and stands near the Jaffna-Point Pedro road. The statue was established and unveiled on 23rd of November in 1974 by Mr. Thuraiyappa who was the Mayor of Municipal Council then. Later, the statue was reconstructed on 3/8/2011 and now it stands with renascence.

  • G.N division:- J/109, Sangilian Thoppu
  • Distance from Nallur Kanthaswamy Kovil-0.5 km


Nallur Kandaswamy Temple

Nallur temple is one of the most significant Hindu temples in Jaffna District. It stands in the town of Nallur and this temple has a long history on its origin. According to the Yarlpana Vaipavamalai in the 13th century the temple was developed at the site by Chenpagapperumal who was a Minister to the Jaffna King who ruled Jaffna earlier. Though this temple was reconstructed many times during the colonial period the temple has a grace in the history. At present this temple is maintained by the generation of Rakunatha Maapana Muthaliyar who established this temple after the destruction by the colonist.

  • G.N division:- J/107, Nallur Rajathani


St. James Church

This is one of the prominent churches that were established during the colonial period and it has a long history. The Christian church situated at the area called Sangillian Toppu was built by the Portuguese as a Catholic Church and later transformed into a Protestant Church by the Dutch and British. The church was administered by Rev. Joseph Knight in 1818 and was renamed as Jacob Church in 1823. The significant aspect of this church is that the ruins moolasthanam (Main Shrine Place) of previous Nallur temple is still found behind the Church.

  • Government Gazette No & Date 9886 1948-07-16
  • G.N division:- J/109, Sangilian Thoppu
  • Distance from Nallur Kanthaswamy Kovil -0.7 km


Hilner Hall

Hilner hall was built in memory of John Hilner (who was born in 1938) and in respect of his service in Sri Lanka. The foundation stone of the hall was laid by Mr. T.W. Garratt (who was an acting Chairman of “Saba Sangam”) on 9th of September in 1909. The explanation of his service offered in Sri Lanka has been written on a stone slab (epidTr;rpd;dk;) which is located at St. Peters Church in Jaffna. Meanwhile, St Peters Hilner Nursery School established in 1987 in memory of John Hilner is a significant aspect.

  • Government Gazette No & Date 1739 2011-12-30
  • G.N division:- J/101, Neeraviyady
  • Distance from Nallur Kanthaswamy Kovil -4.3 km
Hindu Board

The Hindu Museum used as the registry of Saiva Paripalana Sabhai, situated at assessment number 10 along Neeraviyadi, College road with in Neeraviyadi Grama Niladhary division. The magazine published for the Development of Hindu religion.

  • Government Gazette No & Date 1739 2011-12-30
  • G.N division:- J/101, Neeraviyady
  • Distance from Nallur Kanthaswamy Kovil- 4.1 km



University of Jaffna

University of Jaffna was established in 1974 as the sixth campus of the University of Sri Lanka by absorbed the Parameswara College into the centre of. It became an independent, autonomous university in 1979. It is located on Sir Pon Ramanathan road in Thirunelvely, Jaffna. It is significant that about 5500 students are studying. There are 06 faculties and 02 institutes of learning centre such as Ramanathan Institute for Fine Arts.etc.

  • G.N division:- J/110, Thirunelvely West

  • Distance from Palaly road- 0.2 km



Jaffna Technical College

This college is located at Brown road, Jaffna and it was inaugurated by Councilor Mr.J.Hunter on 19th November in 1959. This college provides wide range of opportunities for school leavers, for those who failed to obtain university admission and for those who wish to obtain self employment. In addition this college has been upgraded as College of Technology in 2009 and has many courses available for students.

  • G.N division:- J/123, Kokuvil South East
  • Distance from Palaly road -0.5 km
Jaffna Hindu College

Jaffna Hindu College is one of the national schools in Sri Lanka. It was founded in 1886 by a group of Hindu people who wanted an alternative to the English Language Christian missionary schools. In those days this school was called as Native Town High School. The significant aspect of this school is Swamy Vivekananda visited the school in the year of that it was established. The first Principal was Mr. Pothaman Appapillai from 1890 to 1892, when the school encountered some financial problems was handed over to Saiva Paripalalana Sabai and renamed as Jaffna Hindu College. This school is situated in Vannarpannai.

  • Government Gazette No & Date 1739 2011-12-30
  • G.N division:- J/101 Neeraviyady
  • Distance from Nallur Kanthaswamy Kovil -4.2 km


Ariyalai East Beach

It is located at Ariyalai Nallur Division. Ariyalai is a suburb in Jaffna district which is located about 5 km East of Jaffna. This is said to be one of the best beaches in Jaffna Peninsula. One can walk a long way in the deep blue water with gentle waves moving towards the land. Nallur Pradesiya Sabha has recently decided to renovate this beach as holiday resort for public and the development process are to be taken.

  • G.N division:- J/90 Ariyalai East
  • Distance from Kandy road -7.4km


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