This tree has a high respect in Tamil Culture. It is natural, then, to call it a `karpaha` or celestial tree, because all its parts without exception could be used by man.
we strive for responsible and sustainable solutions. We work toward successful integration and – whenever possible – for the fulfilment of the wish to return home.
Following the success of this new method of red onion cultivation theMinistry of Agriculture is now looking at further improving red onion cultivations, with these seedlings in the Jaffna peninsula as well.
jaffna women still Are the reservoirs and transmitters of cultural knowledge In their communities.

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வீடமைப்பு திட்டம் தொடர்பான பத்திரிக்கைச் செய்தி.

10-12-2018திகதிபத்திரிகையொன்றுவீடமைப்பு திட்டம் தொ...

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